Air Dryers

Air Dryers, Air Tanks and Air filters saves your production from water and oil steam to the system. All our tanks have necessary certificates and approved by CE – ASME. 

  • » 0.5 PPM and 1 Micron filters included
  • » Small foot print with full components installed in 
  • » Perfect result of air-oil-water separation
  • » Mikro chip controlled cooling adjustment on ambient temperature or seasonal changes
  • » Nature friendly

BarV/Ph/HzGasCapacityHp/KwW x L x H
EC 90016230/1/50R-134 a900 lt1/51/2 "415*325*540 mm30 kg
EC 120016230/1/50R-134 a1200 lt1/51/2"415*325*595 mm31 kg
EC 180016230/1/50R-134 a1600 lt1/43/4"415*325*625 mm32 kg
EC 220016230/1/50R-134 a2200 lt1/43/4"415*325*662 mm32 kg
EC 260016230/1/50R-134 a2600 lt3/81"558*458*695 mm44 kg
EC 310016230/1/50R-134 a3100 lt3/81"558*458*724 mm45 kg
EC 370016230/1/50R-134 a3700 lt1/21"558*458*755 mm47 kg
EC400016230/1/50R-134 a4000 lt1/21"558*458*755 mm48 kg
EC 550016230/1/50R -134 a5500 lt3/41,5"652*505*997 mm83 kg
EC 650016230/1/50R -134 a6500 lt11,5"652*505*997 mm83 kg
EC 850016400/3/50R404A8500 lt22"870*590*1200 mm140 kg
EC 1100016400/3/50R404A11000 lt22"870*590*1200 mm140 kg
EC 1300016400/3/50R404A130000 lt2,52"852*734*1191 mm150 kg
EC 1800016400/3/50R404A18000 lt32"852*734*1191 mm180 kg
EC 2550016400/3/50R404A25500 lt43"1102*782*1382 mm275 kg

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