Alpha Series

EURO ROTOR  ALPHA  Series is a complete range of oil-lubricated industrial air compressor suitable for any industry and application. All packages are available for customization to suit your need.  

ROTORCOMP EVO SERIE AIRENDS. High Efficient new generation airends. 

ABB Electrical Components


Easy Maintenance and long service life.

You can also look for VSD Gamma Series, Air Dryers and Air Tanks.

7,5 Bar10 Bar13 BarHp/Kw
Alpha 7,5900 lt/mn700 lt/mn550 lt/mn7,5/5,5G3/4''70 x 73 x 116 cm185 kg
Alpha 101190 lt/mn1150 lt/mn800 lt/mn10/7,5G3/4''70 x 73 x 116 cm255 kg
Alpha 151900 lt/mn1650 lt/mn1300 lt/mn15/11G3/4''70 x 73 x 116 cm320 kg
Alpha 202700 lt/mn2300 lt/mn1900 lt/mn20/15G1''75 x 90 x 132 cm350 kg
Alpha 253000 lt/dmn2700 lt/mn2250 lt/mn25/18,5G1''75 x 90 x 132 cm445 kg
Alpha 303900 lt/mn3900 lt/mn2750 lt/mn30/22G1''100 x 90 x 146 cm455 kg
Alpha 405240 lt/mn4400 lt/mn3850 lt/mn40/30G1-1/4''100 x 90 x 146 cm590 kg
Alpha 506050 lt/mn5500 lt/mn4800 lt/mn50/37G1-1/4''100 x 110 x 160 cm625 kg
Alpha 608100 lt/mn7100 lt/mn5350 lt/mn60/45G1-1/4''100 x 110 x 160 cm675 g
Alpha 75-8250 lt/mn-75/55G1-1/2''160 x 120 x 160 cm1250 kg
Alpha 15020000 lt/mn--150/110G2-1/2''180 x 160 x 180 cm2150 kg

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